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Selenium is open source automation tool to automate Web Application. Selenium contains four components

1. Selenium IDE 2. Selenium RC 3. Selenium Web Driver 4. Selenium Grid Selenium supports all the browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, IE, Opera, Safari, etc.

Selenium supports different programming language like Java, C#, PHP, Python, Perl, Etc.In order to learn selenium we must learn either of this programming language.

Selenium IDE: is a component used for recording application and play back whenever it is required to perform same scenario

Selenium RC: is another component used to automate application using Selenium RC library (API).

Selenium WebDriver: is component used to automation Web Application using Web Driver API, WebDriver interface contains pre-defined abstract methods used to design selenium scripts

Selenium Grid: This component used in two scenarios in real time.
a. In real time script execution if we want run same script for multiple browsers with help of Hub and Node concept we can execute the scripts in multiple VM machines. So that we can achieve the compatibility testing
b. Another scenarios when we want to execute more scripts in less time then will distribute the test cases each node and all this nodes will execute paralally. So that we can save the time.

Best Job Placement Facilities In Selenium

We provide training based on real time projects by real time industry experienced trainer, we follow the following below procedures..

Complete Practical Classes

At Infocampus,we provide complete practical sessions, During training session each & every student gets laptop.

Weekly Tests & Assignments

On every weekend we conduct quiz to make candidates more confident about what they have learnt.

Interview & Job Placements

Every weekend we schedule interview drive for our trained candidates

We train the students from basic level to advanced concepts with real time environment.Best Selenium & Automation Testing Training Institute In Bangalore Marathahalli & BTM

Automation Testing Main Topic Covered

Manual Testing
Types of Testing
Test Case Development
Testing Techniques,Test Management & Control
Defects,Test Case design
Core Java,Selenium,WebDriver

Course Duration

45 - 50 Hours of Thoery and Pratical Classes
Weekdays and Weekends Classes Available
Get In-Depth Practical Knowledge on each Topic
Pay Fees in Installments
Attend 4 Days Class Free
Classroom, Online & Corporate Training

Students Benefits

We Provide Projects for you to Practice
Free Job Assistance and Certification
Free Technical Support even after Course Completion
Backup Classes for missing topics
Lab Facility , Wifi, Led TV Projector
Career Counselling
Mock Exams and Mock Interviews Conducted

100% Placement Program

JOB Assurance: Our Placement Officer will send for Interviews till you Get Placed
Interview Q & A provided which are frequently asked in Companies
Real Case Studies/Examples provided to clear Interviews Easily
Practical Knowledge Training on Every Topic

Selenium Testing Trainer Profile Details

Current Working Professional (TL)
10+ years of Total IT Experience with multiple roles like Software Quality Assurance, Testing, Software Development and Corporate training. Involved in several Manual, automation and performance testing projects in MNC Company
Have delivered 300+ Classroom Trainings and 50+ in-house Corporate Trainings at various IT Companies in India

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INFOCAMPUS providing 100% Job Oriented Automation Testing Course with Placement Support through which we have placed more than 500+ Selenium Trained students in MNC Companies and 2-tier Firms with good salary packages

Excellent Place To Learn Software Testing Manual And Selenium With Core Java And Sql Web Driver With Testng This Amit Kumar Singh, I attended Software Testing manual and SELENIUM with core java and sql web driver with testIng. It was very nice experienced here in INFOCAMPUS.
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Selenium with JAVA Programming:

We can design selenium scripts by using java programming language. In Java we are using some of below concepts.

Basic of Core Java –Data Types, Conditional statements, Control statement, Access modifiers, Types of Variables and Static Vs Not Static.

Oops –
Inheritance –Reusing the existing code instead of creating duplicate code for same functionality.
Polymorphism - Creating same method with different set of parameters to get different behaviour to each method.
Encapsulation- Binding a Data
Abstraction- it is a key word to define to Method and Classes .If any class has abstract method then that class type must be Abstract. We can create object to abstract classes. This class can contains both abstract methods and non-abstract methods
Super –It is a key word used to call the super class variables and methods.
This –It is Key word used to call current class variables and methods.
Final –It is a key word used to define variables, Methods and Classes.
If any Variables define as final those variables values nave possible to modify, for any method define has Final then those methods will never allow to override methods and if that class type mention has final then those class will never ever allow to inherited.
String – It is a data type and also pre-defined class, which contains pre-defined methods to manipulate string by using methods like Length() , Substring , Concatenation , Index Of , CharAt , split , format ,etc.
String Buffer-It is a class to create mutable Strings objects. It follows synchronised concept
String Builder – It is a class to create mutable Strings objects. It follows non synchronised concept
Exception Handling: Exception Handling is mechanism to avoid the abnormal termination of java code execution and providing alternative way using try, Catch and Finally.
There are two different categories of exception
1. Checked Exceptions
2. Un Checked Exceptions
Arrays: Array is to store one or more element as one entity which are same type. The size of the array is fixed there is no possibility to increase or decrease the size based on the requirement.
Arrays does not follow any standard data structure so we can expect readymade method to used instead of create our own code for each functionality.
Collection: Collection is to store one or more element which are same or different types of data. Collection is grow able in nature hence we can increase or decrease based on requirement
Collection interface implemented based on some standard data stricture hence we can expect readymade methods support, being a programmer we can use those methods instead of creating method our own.
File IO: In this File IO we have package Java.Util.*. It contains some pre-defined classes and methods used for reading file, writing file and compare files.
We can also read files like .Properties file and txt file
To read excel file we need to work third party library like Apache POI or JXL.
Apache POI: is a library used to read, write and copy the excel file. This library provides some pre-defined class like XSSFWorkbook, XSSFShite, and XSSFRow
Selenium supports only Web Application Automation but some web application may need to communicate with window to upload file, download File, Etc.
Any application when we are automating there are scenarios which may need communicate local drives to access file from our machine to upload. This cases we will depends on ROBOT class or AUTOIT to handle this type of scenarios.
Example: In Naukri web application when we clicks on browser button to upload resume then application will point to local drives to pick the file. Since selenium support web application automation so will use robot class or Auto IT to automate this kind of scenarios.
Locators: This locators are used identify the element by using following locators like:
All the Above locators are available under BY class as static methods.
Web Element- Everything in selenium will consider as Web Element, it is an interface used to store Web elements for reference.
Actions- it is a class contains predefined methods used to perform the mouse Actions.
Ex: 1. Double Click (Double Click)
2. Right Click (Context Click)
3. Mouse over (Move to Element)
4. Drag and Drop (Drag and Drop)
Alert: Is an interface used to handle to alert using Accept (), Dismiss (), SendKeys (), GetText ().
Frames: In application we may have one more frames. If the cursor not present in current frame then we need to switch between frames.
Web Tables: We can read data from page which is table form by using tag name TR and TD
TestNG: It is framework worked based on annotations like @Test , @enabled , @AlwaysRun ,@Groups , @DependsOnMethod,Etc.
This TestNG Library provides by default HTML reporting.
Data Driven Framework: It is framework followed certain guidelines and structure to driven application execution using test data present in excel or any other source files.
POM: means Page Object Model is another framework followed to create object to repository for each page to access web element. This framework recommended to use if the application has more pages.
JDBC: Here we are connecting to data base to retrieve the expected result to compare with actual result.
Maven: It is a build tool to use to build the code with maven dependencies.
GitHub: It is used to store the source code for reference
Jenkins: It is used for continues integration to trigger build on schedule date and time. And also to attach test results into email with build no,etc.

Best Selenium Testing Training Content / Syllabus

Introduction to Selenium

  • What is Selenium.
  • What is the use of selenium.
  • When selenium can be useful in testing.
  • Features of Selenium.
  • What is the difference between Selenium and QTP.

Selenium Components

  • Selenium IDE.
  • Selenium RC.
  • Selenium Grid.
  • ANT

selenium IDE

  • Recording the scripts.
  • Running the scripts.
  • How to Save the recording script.
  • Object Identification.
  • Difference between Testcase and test suit.
  • Languages supported while Recording.
  • Synchronization in Selenium IDE.
  • Testing Vs Selenium IDE

Creating the Environment for Selenium RC.

  • Creating the generic scripts in selenium.
  • Creating the scripts by using functions.
  • Running the scripts in Eclipse.
  • Inheritance
  • Browser commands with examples.
  • Interactive commands with examples.
  • Information commands with examples.
  • Validation commands with examples.

Why should we use excel sheets.

  • How to take large no of data from excel sheets.
  • How to export data to an excel sheets.
  • Export large no of data to an excel sheet.
  • How to export results after completion of execution the script.
  • How to use Eclipse.
  • Debugging the scripts.
  • Maintaining the synchronization points.
  • How to handle Popups and alert messages.
  • How to take data from excel sheets.

Developing the reusable script for any project

  • Automation life cycle.
  • Validations.
  • What is Validation?
  • What is the use of validations in Automation testing?
  • When we use validations in Realtime project.
  • How to use Validations.


  • What is Framework?
  • Types of Frameworks.
  • What is modular framework?
  • What is DataDriven framework?
  • What is Keyword driven framework?
  • What is Hybrid framework?
  • Use of Framework.

Object repository

  • What is object repository?
  • How to use object repository in framework.
  • What is the use of maintain Object repository.
  • Types of creating object repository.
  • Result Analysis.
  • Framework Implementation with Live Project
  • Interview Questions Discussion.
  • Quality Center

Introduction to Quality Center

  • Requirements Tab
  • Four Views of Requirements Tab
  • Types of Requirements
  • Test Coverage
  • Execution Flow
  • Controlling Execution
  • Test Set Properties

Test Plan Tab

  • Test Plan Tree
  • Adding New Folder to Test Plan
  • Types of Tests
  • Organizational Structure
  • Building Test Sets
  • Adding Tests to Test Sets

Defects Tab/Change Requests

  • New Defects
  • Tracking Defects
  • Grid Filters

Linking In-Between Different Tabs and Need of Linking Filtering

  • Test Requirements Tab
  • Test Plan Tab
  • Test Lab Tab
  • Defects Tab
  • Importing and Exporting
  • Setting-Up Favorites
  • Live Analysis
  • Live Project Implementation

What is Selenium?

In the current software industry, a stage is reached when a product needs to be tested. Now, there are two ways in which this can be done- manual testing and automated testing. Since, manual testing is cost heavy and consumes a lot of time, companies prefer the automated alternative using automation. Out of all the options available these days for automated testing, selenium simply stands out. And because it’s an open source framework, there are no licensing costs involved. For professional benefits, you too can learn selenium. But for that, you must take classes in a good selenium training institute in Bangalore INFOCAMPUS is ready to all you all the ways.

Why selenium ?

A lot of people are taking to Selenium courses in Bangalore quite enthusiastically. This automation testing tool is not just cost effective but also extremely efficient. What more? It has a lot of useful features, some of which are as -

Almost all operating systems support selenium.

Its open source nature makes it a cost effective option for the software industry.

Selenium thoroughly supports programming languages like python, pearl and ruby. So, knowledge in any of these can help one learn selenium.

Selenium also supports a range of internet browsers including Chrome, Opera and Safari.

How we, INFOCAMPUS will help you?

Selenium training in Bangalore at INFOCAMPUS can set your career on an upward move. Our incessant efforts in comprehending the possibilities of selenium in the world of IT have rendered us competent in helping interested people learn this skillset. Our trainers are some of the most able in the industry with profound empirical knowledge in addition to having an enviable proficiency in theories. What makes us more popular as an IT training institute are our courses, which are not just easy to grab but also extremely relevant as far as industry needs and standards are concerned. We endeavor to keep you abreast of all the latest programming innovations and make sure every bit of information we pass on makes sense to you.

Do you need training in selenium?

Almost all software development industries these days are opting for a more cost-effective and agile software testing alternative called automation software testing. This is not just reliable but also helps companies save on a lot of money. And that is probably the reason why they remain on a constant lookout for people having knowledge in selenium. If you too want to make yourself competent enough to join such companies, it would be advisable that you take selenium training in Bangalore.
The good news is that you don’t need any special educational qualification to be eligible for selenium coaching classes. So, why waste time? Join INFOCAMPUS right away.

Best selenium training institute in Bangalore

INFOCAMPUS boasts of being the Best selenium training institute in Bangalore. And the syllabus for this course has been broken down below (not in any specific order) for your convenience-

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